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Look Unto Me

J. G. Deck (1807-1884)


Look unto Me! the Savior cries;
Behold, upon the tree
The Holy One, a Victim, dies—
The Lamb of God, a Sacrifice;
A mighty Savior He!
God's love in fulness there made known
When Jesus did for sins atone.

O solemn hour! O hour alone,
In solitary might,
When God the Father's only Son,
As Man for sinners to atone,
Expires—amazing sight!
The Lord of glory crucified—
The Lord of life Himself has died!

Worthy of death, O God, we were,
That vengeance was our due.
In grace Thy spotless Lamb did bear,
Himself, our sins while hanging there;
Justice our Surety slew.
With Him, our Surety, we have died,
When He for us was crucified.

Quickened with Him in life divine,
Raised with Him from the dead:
His own (and all His own are Thine)
Shall with Him in His glories shine,
Our blessed living Head!
We, who were worthy but to die,
Are by His precious blood made nigh.

Look Unto Me - A Capella
Recorded at a Christian gathering in 1964.
Bill Petersen reads the first verse of the hymn
and sings the melody.

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Look Unto Me!