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All Things Are Ready - Come!

By A. Midlane (1825-1909)

Meter:  S.M.

"All things are ready, Come!
Come to the supper spread;
Come, rich and poor; come, old and young,
Come, and be richly fed.

"All things are ready," Come!
The invitation's giv'n
Through Him who now in glory sits
At God's right hand in heav'n.

"All things are ready," Come!
The door is open wide;
O feast upon the love of God,
For Christ His Son has died!

"All things are ready," Come!
All hindrance is removed,
And God commends His wondrous love
In Christ so fully proved.

"All things are ready," Come!
Tomorrow may not be;
O sinner, come, the Savior waits
This hour to welcome thee!

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All Things Are Ready