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We Speak Of The Grace Of Our God

By A. Midlane (1825-1909)


WE speak of the grace of our God,
So boundless, so rich, and so free;
But what will it profit thy soul
Unless 'tis relied on by thee?

We speak of salvation and love,
By the Father in Jesus made known;
But, if thou wouldst live unto God,
By faith thou must make it thine own.

We speak of the Savior's great Name,
By which God can sinners receive;
Yet still art thou lost and undone
Unless in that Name thou'lt believe.

We speak of the blood of the Lamb,
Which frees from pollution and sin;
But its virtues by thee must be proved,
Or thou wilt be ever unclean.

We speak of the glory to come,
Of the heavens so bright and so fair;
But, unless thou'lt in Jesus believe,
Thou wilt not, thou canst not be there.

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The Grace Of Our God