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hymns - hymn book This gospel song web site contains more than 60 hymns and spiritual songs pertaining to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  These gospel songs are drawn from the 1932, 1951, and 1962 editions of "Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock", published by Stow Hill Bible and Tract Depot, Kingston-On-Thames, England.  It also includes the well-known gospel hymn, Amazing Grace.  British English word spellings have been changed, where appropriate, to their American English forms.

The question of Copyrights has been carefully considered.  In most cases, only those songs and hymns written by authors who have departed to be with Christ at least 70 years ago, as well as songs and hymns that were first published at least 75 years ago, in the 1932 edition of "Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock", have been published on this web site.  Should any rights have been inadvertently infringed, the publisher would appreciate this being brought to his attention so that the matter can be rectified.

John Darby writes thus about hymns that suit the gospel:

  • "Abstractedly you are making people sing as having certain feelings, and then preaching to them because they have not.  But in actual Christendom things are not so sharply defined, and there are hidden souls and hidden wants which the hymn may give expression to, and set a soul free or make it apprehend God's love sometimes more effectually than the sermon; still there is very great danger of widespread delusion and loose apprehension of sin and grace, and the difficulty is very real.  You may often find the loudest singers where the conscience is the least reached." [From the Preface to "Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock", 1881 edition.]

  • "As to conversions in singing, there is nothing at all unscriptural.  If the truth is in the hymn, spoken of with divine affections, or souls' affections expressed respecting a truth already outwardly admitted, it is quite within the ways and operation of the Spirit of God to act on the soul in a quickening way by it, not without truth, but by truth so addressed to the soul.  I do not say that the work will be there as deep, or the foundation so solidly laid at the moment for after exercises, as if it was the direct application of the word by the Holy Ghost to the conscience, but the heart receives Christ convincingly and livingly, so as to love.  I have ever said that the smallest atom of Christ suffices for the Holy Ghost to quicken by, if it be really Him.  No doubt a profound conviction of sin by the word casts off a mass of imaginings of the flesh by a deeper inward work, which such a conversion leaves undiscovered; but if God works, He will do His own work, and bring it to a good issue." [From "Letters of J. N. D.", volume 1, page 295. - Nismes, Belgium - April, 1860.]
While aware of these concerns, this Gospel Songs web site is commended to God and to my fellow Christians whose hearts are moved to sing about the precious Person and saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Stephen Hesterman

Tunes for many of these gospel hymns may be found at this archived Tunes From Little Flock Tunebook web page.  Here is a sample of the gospel songs that are published on this site:

For Me

By H. d'A. Champney (1854-1942)


O LORD, what love for sinners Thou hast shown,
To give Thy life for those by sin undone!
But is that blood which doth for sins atone,
For me?

Was it for guilty sinners such as I
That Thou, O Lord, didst suffer here and die?
And is that grace which Thou dost now supply
For me?

Is it for me, who early went astray,
Who turned from God to tread a self-willed way,
Is it for me that mercy flows today?
For me?

If it's the hopeless case Thou lov'st to meet,
If it's a sinner Thou dost run to greet,
Then 'tis for me to worship at Thy feet—
For me.

Yes, 'twas for me, Lord Jesus, Thou didst come;
To me Thou givest pardon, peace, and home;
And, Savior, in Thy loving heart there's room
For me.

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