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The Perfect Righteousness Of God

By A. Midlane (1825-1909)

Meter: L.M.

THE perfect righteousness of God
Is witnessed in the Savior's blood;
'Tis in the cross of Christ we trace
His righteousness, yet wondrous grace.

God could not pass the sinner by,
Justice demands that he should die;
But in the cross of Christ we see
How God can save, yet righteous be.

The judgment fell on Jesus' head,
'Twas in His blood sin's debt was paid;
Stern justice can demand no more,
And mercy can dispense her store.

The sinner who believes is free,
Can say, The Savior died for me;
Can point to the atoning blood
And say, This made my peace with God.

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The Perfect Righteousness of God